Fallen Creation

by Nadab

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released September 7, 2016

Mark The Mimic - Guitar, Bass, Drums, Synth, Vocals
Album Art - G Meza



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A project by Mark The Mimic...

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Track Name: Fallen Creation
We wait to see His face,
amidst this darkened place.

Soon His wrath will be poured out,
on every one of you.
Track Name: By High Decree
Drowning in fear,
slipping away,
drowning in fear,
slipping away.

How can this be?
That we are free but you are caged,
Just like the beast that leads you,
you have no choice but to die.

Vacant minds,
Lost souls,
Vacant minds,
Lost souls,
Vacant minds,
Lost souls,
Vacant minds,
Lost souls.

How can this be?
That we're alive but you are dead,
By High Decree, this is law,
That some of us are chosen.
Track Name: Gaze of the Son
I feel the eyes on me,
i feel the Gaze of the Son.

I feel the Gaze of the Son,
We are the ones who die infinitely.
Track Name: Fallen Man
I smell the smoke rising,
I see the fire grow,
hope is fading away,
life is getting slow,
life is getting slow,
boils cover my face,
please don't let me be like the Debased.

Degrading our souls...
Track Name: Truth
I come before you now with warning and grief,
This fire in my bones won't allow me to sleep,
I departed from this world long ago,
When we drank the blood you did not partake.

Without any doubt my spirit is fully convinced,
that I am oppressed and you are dead,
There's no going back, you've made your statement,
the choice has been made for you.
Track Name: Temptation
Track Name: Hardened Heart
Now we're here risen from the dead,
with great cheer we'll cut off your head.

Just like the Pharaoh Hardened his Heart,
now your soul departs.

You've blasphemed the redeemed,
now we're here to cut you down.

Just like the Pharaoh Hardened his Heart,
now your soul departs.

We've revealed all ourselves to you,
now you know the truth.

Just like the pharaoh Hardened his Heart,
now your soul departs.
Track Name: The Brethren
We disguise ourselves in the night,
we resurrect our bodies in the day,
you feel our breath when we pass by you.

We are not spirits or ghosts,
we are passing by, travelers with great burdens,
do not make contact with us.
Track Name: Debased Minds
Track Name: Live Again...